What Matters Most: Strategy, Culture, Talent

Your time matters. That’s why the 2017 Executive Leadership Symposium is an invaluable investment for top-tier leaders like you across the fresh produce and floral industry. If you are a CEO, VP or member of the senior management team charged with leading your company to the next level of success, the 2017 Executive Leadership Symposium is a “must-attend” on your to-do list. This unique two-day event will focus on the topics that matter most to leaders who are striving to positively impact business performance: Strategy, Culture and Talent.

During this transformative event, powerful thought-leaders from both in and outside of the industry will challenge you to reflect on and revitalize your business strategy. Delivering relevant, thought-provoking presentations, they will offer you new seeds of thought, helping you cultivate fresh ideas for your business culture. At key junctures, you will dive into the challenges and issues that today’s senior executives face and you’ll discuss creative and strategic solutions that will help you address these matters. You will emerge equipped with new insights and perspectives—ready to embrace new opportunities.

New for 2017

This year’s Executive Leadership Symposium will revolve around three fundamental elements that spur success in every company: Strategy, Culture and Talent. During this program, you’ll gain insight into building a strategy that drives a productive business culture—and learn how to empower the people who will ultimately take your company to the next level.

At every turn, you’ll have access to prominent thought-leaders and other networking opportunities, including:

  • Executive learning led by Professor Frances Frei, Senior Associate Dean of Executive Education at Harvard Business School
  • Peer-to-Peer learning through active engagement between C-level professionals
  • Industry leader presentations with real-world examples of how strategy, culture and talent impact business performance

opportunity to have your registration paid for

Tyler Phipps Memorial Scholarship

We would like to make you aware of an opportunity to have your registration covered for this year's Executive Leadership Symposium. To be considered, please use the link below and apply before April 14, 2017.

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