Impact in Action

Attracting, developing and retaining the talent that feeds our industry’s growth

We connect people. We encourage idea sharing. We advocate and reinforce.

We provide a continuum of support for talent across the entire supply chain for companies of all sizes. We can do this because we are a charitable organization created specifically by our industry to grow the people across our industry.


We are attracting new talent to enter the industry by sharing the vast career options available.
  • 883 Career Pathways students have been introduced to careers in our industry
  • 67% began careers in our industry
  • 78% remain in the industry today

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We are developing leadership skills in our professionals that they need to succeed in their careers and for our industry to sustain a competitive workforce.
  • 582 companies have taken advantage of leadership development opportunities
  • 4,300 industry members participated in our leadership development offerings
  • 3,374 attendees across the world benefit from networking, motivation and education at our Women’s Fresh Perspectives Leadership Breakfasts


In the future, our goal is to establish Center for Growing Talent by PMA as a single-source authority on the employee value proposition.

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how we make it happen

Contributing to the future success of our industry

With our industry’s participation we are able to develop innovative and exciting talent solutions – now and into the future – ensuring we have a path for the next generation of leaders.


We take our responsibility to our contributors and volunteers seriously. With our individual and corporate partners support, especially Produce Marketing Association, we have successfully built a full portfolio of industry-specific solutions the last 11 years.

  • $2,377,104 has been raised in annual giving dollars from over 1,350 contributors
  • 8,730 participants have taken part in the Joe Nucci Memorial Golf Tournament or 5K Race for Talent which has raised over $1,115,000
  • 1,717 volunteers have engaged in meaningful work and had fun doing it

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Join our efforts so we can continue to serve our industry today and tomorrow.

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