Every day, companies in the produce and floral industry are faced with many business issues that are key to their survival. None of these are more important, nor more challenging, than finding, developing and retaining top talent. With the goal of ensuring a continued pipeline of qualified and capable leaders, we have partnered with University of Arizona to prepare rising stars to embrace increasing levels of responsibility and ready them for the challenges and the opportunities that they will face.

Throughout this multifaceted program that includes a four-day, on-campus component, online modules and a capstone course at PMA’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo, one of the most important platforms for understanding and connecting with the global fresh produce and floral supply chain, participants will:

  • Access elite minds in industry, business and academia
  • Hone cross-functional skills through real-world simulations, case studies, group exercises and discussions
  • Examine business practices through a global lens
  • Gain strategic thinking skills necessary to become a more effective leader in current and future roles
  • Build valuable relationships with peers throughout the global supply chain
From start to finish, the Emerging Leaders Program is a learning-infused leadership experience that will catapult participants' thinking and leadership abilities.

*This event is SOLD OUT for 2017. We look forward to a great program! 

Why Should You Attend?

This yearly program has been developed for 36 of our industry’s up and coming young professionals who show promising potential to be strong leaders and contribute to their company’s success.

We aim for the right mix of participants. This is critical in creating an environment where all experiences and perspectives are exchanged, and a broad view of the world–wide industry landscape can be brought into focus.

Applicants will be selected to participate based on meeting a majority of the criteria below:
  1. 5-10 years’ professional experience
  2. Age range: 27-35 (+/- 2 years)
  3. Cross functional background
  4. Recruited from across the industry
  5. High potentials/go-to individuals/seen naturally as a leader
  6. Strive to go beyond their job description
Please note: proficiency in English is essential for successful participation.