does finding the right talent keep you up at night?

Join us at Fresh Summit and learn how we are attracting bright new talent, developing the leadership skills in our professionals, and helping companies sustain a competitive workforce. Don't miss your chance to learn more about our year round talent management solutions to grow your business.

Plus, you have a chance for quality time with this year's Career Pathways students who are eager to learn more about the career options available to them.  In addition, you will meet past participants of our leadership development programs, including our most recent graduates from the Emerging Leaders Program. Lastly, talk with the leaders in our industry who have financially supported our work and mingle with numerous volunteers who we couldn’t do without!

Networking is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, learn from others, and share your experiences. This reception provides a great source of connections in which you can tap others to:
  • obtain important work-life balance advice
  • open the doors to talk with key influencers
  • provide a positive environment to help you grow, and
  • achieve satisfaction from helping others.