You made it great. You made it yours

To every retailer, floral supplier, grower, distributor, promotional organization, business solution provider and foodservice operator: you did it. You explored. Shared. Experienced. Grew. Nurtured. And Learned.

You are why Center for Growing Talent by PMA’s Women’s Fresh Perspectives Conference 2017 was our very best one yet and it was a pleasure to “Own It!” with you.

This year’s competency-based education provided the real-world tools:
  • Emerging leaders need to build productive careers,
  • Middle-level leaders require to mobilize support to create sustainable change, and
  • Executive leaders must have to shatter glass ceilings, elevators and cliffs—for good. 
It was a rare opportunity to learn from the ‘best of the best’ (including our keynote speaker, the esteemed Mel Robbins), all of whom “wowed” and entertained. And the intimate networking experiences? A gift that helped new relationships blossom and existing ones flourish.

So, get those calendars marked for April 15-17, 2018 in Miami, FL and sign up for our mailing list to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. It can’t come soon enough!